Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Chronic Definition Disorder

I think I'm gonna head over to Borders on my lunch hour and pick up a new dictionary for the folks down at Channel 5.

A convicted drunken driver apologized to his young victim Wednesday when he was sentenced for running down the 8-year-old on a scooter.


[Albert] Gero, who had a previous drunken driving conviction on his record, admitted stealing a car in Roxbury, drinking heavily, ingesting cocaine, driving drunk, hitting two telephone poles and driving into a crowd on a sidewalk, where Nicholas was riding a scooter.

Before the accident...

UPDATE: Make that two dictionaries.

A man charged with hitting a college student with his car and then taking off has been arrested for drunk driving before.

Police say 33-year-old John Collins was drunk Tuesday night when he hit a 19-year-old Mount Ida student (pictured above) in a crosswalk on Massachusetts Avenue.

After that accident, Collins reportedly fled the scene, getting into a second accident with a cab.