Friday, November 24, 2006

Again, Some Get It...

...some don't.

Forget about a heavenly angel or sparkling star. This holiday season, guns are all the ornament rage.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that glittery black handgun ornaments have caught the eye of Pennsylvania's highest officer.

Gov. Ed Rendell is rallying against Philadelphia-based Urban Outfitters' 5-inch-long glitter gun ornament, calling it "twisted."

"The governor doesn't find it humorous or clever to display weapons that are responsible for taking hundreds of lives each year as if they are decorations," Kate Phillips, the governor's spokeswoman told the paper.

So, if you're keeping score at home, it's not ALL guns that are bad, only...

1. Guns that are too big
2. Guns that are too small
3. Guns that are too accurate
4. Guns that are too unreliable
5. Real guns that look scary.
6. Real guns that look like fake guns.
7. Fake guns that look real guns (especially the scary-looking ones).

And now...

8. Gun-shaped Christmas tree ornaments.

Also, should I be asking for refunds on all my prior firearms purchases? Apparently, they're all of the irresponsible variety, as they don't do shit but just sit there until I pick them up, load them, and pull the trigger.

I wanna get me some of these smart, independently-thinking and acting robot-guns I'm always reading about.