Friday, November 17, 2006

Free Market Flourishes, Menino Outraged

From today's Playstation 3 feeding frenzy in downtown Boston.

Kevin Swecker was one of the people who got a game. He said the trouble he went through to get it would pay off in the end.

"It's going on eBay. We're going to make a couple grand," he said.

Boston Mayor Thomas Menino was outraged about the situation.

How, dare somebody profit in a free-market society by selling a legal product to a willing consumer! What is this? The United States of Freakin' America, or something???

"It's almost like scalping. It really is.

Yeah, almost.

The main difference being that ticket resellers in the City of Boston have to pay His Holiness a licensing fee for permission to conduct business under his protective wing.

If he could get a cut of the action by taxing this kid's eBay profit, he'd be all over that like a pig on shit.

It's wrong to take advantage of the public the way they are.

Take advantage of?

You wanna talk about taking advantage of the public? I've got two words for you.



That's nothing more than a voluntary tax on people with poor math skills. The day you hear Mumbles calling for the abolition of the State Lottery, and the money that pours into his city's coffers as a result thereof, is the day the proverbial monkeys start flying out of my ass.

Unless, these people legally selling their legally-obtained Playstations are holding down their "victims" and forcibly removing money from their wallets, against their will, I have to kindly ask the mayor, once again, to shut the fuck up already.

It's wrong by the manufacturer and by the retailer," Menino said.

The mayor said he was going to send a letter to Simon Malls and to Sony demanding that they pick up the expense for all the police officers who had to respond to the emergency.

When in doubt, shake 'em down. If it's good enough for Jesse Jackson, well, need I say more?

A bunch of knuckleheads get out of control and start to riot over a friggin' video game, and the first thing Menino thinks of is extorting money from the deep pockets of the manufacturer.

I'm shocked.


Of course, this is the same idiot who thinks gun manufacturers are to blame for the Commonwealth's gross inability to arrest, prosecute, and incarcerate violent criminals.

Boy, I'll miss his visionary leadership when I'm gone.