Thursday, November 16, 2006

Common-Sense Gun Laws

Idaho town asks residents to own guns

GREENLEAF, Idaho (AP) -- The town council in Greenleaf, Idaho, has O-K'd a new gun law; it all but requires every homeowner to have one.

There's an exception for people who have strong objections, because of religious beliefs, for instance. But the idea is to help make sure town residents can protect themselves from outsiders if need be. Citing Hurricane Katrina, the measure's sponsor says, "We could get refugees."

Or worse, gun-banning "progressive" types who like beautiful scenery and cheap real estate.

The law is kind of redundant. About 80 percent of Greenleaf's adults already own guns. The mayor says he owns about 25.

I'm guessing he hasn't signed on with Mumbles and his "Mayors Against Eradicating Their Violent Criminal Populations Illegal Guns" campaign.

Still Greenleaf doesn't have a big crime problem.

But, the town's awash with deadly weapons! How can that be? No blood in the streets? No O.K. Corral gunfights? No school shootings?

It was founded by pacifist Quakers, and the most violent offense reported in the past two years was a fist fight.

Citizens of Greenleaf, don't depair. Hope is on the way. I'm sure Speaker Pelosi will do everything in her power to try to "remedy" your situation.

UPDATE: Compare and contrast...

Northern California serial rapist sought

He studies his victims for days, perhaps weeks, learning their names, their addresses, their habits. He finds out when the women will be vulnerable, then attacks them in their homes.

If only his victims had been wearing sneakers.

Investigators said Wednesday they believe at least nine rapes and one attempted rape over the past 15 years in Northern California are linked to one man. They say he struck again last month, raping two women here.

During the assaults, some lasting hours, the rapist covers the women's eyes and mouths with duct tape, binds their hands and ankles and talks to them in an easy, conversational tone.

I hear there's a press release forthcoming from Dianne Feinstein's office suggesting that if any more of her constituents find themsleves in a similar predicament, they could jam their police department-issued plastic whistles up their asses and fart for help.

During his attacks, the man has threatened his victims with a knife or a gun and often wears disguises.

He carries a gun? Well, why have't they caught the guy yet? All they have to do is pull up a list of people in that area who have a permit to carry a concealed weapon, ans start working their way down the list until they find him. [/mumblogic]