Monday, November 13, 2006

What's Wrong With This Headline?

Note: This test requires a two-part answer.

From the Associated Press (emphasis on "ass"):

College student fatally shot while trying to kick in door, police say

Police in Tyler say a college student was shot to death as he tried to kick in the front door of a home.

Why, he was only a child, who was only trying to kick in the guy's front door!

Yeah, we'll see about that.

Police say the homeowner, Robert Delk, told police that he and his wife were woken up early Saturday morning by someone banging on their door.

As Delk, who had grabbed his .44 magnum handgun, approached the door, the suspect kicked it in.

A police spokesman tells the Tyler Morning Telegraph that Delk then shot the suspect.

The AP can spin this all they want, but there's a big fucking difference between "trying" to kick someone's door in, and actually doing so. They might as well write that he was shot shortly after brushing his teeth that morning.

The police spokesman says Justin A- Herrera -- a 22-year-old University of Texas at Tyler student from Fort Worth -- died at a hospital. University officials confirmed that Herrera was a sophomore biology major.

An innocent, hard-working scholar, working to make a better tomorrow for us all, gunned down in the prime of his life. I weep.

The police spokesman says a motive for the forced entry is still undetermined.

Records indicate Herrera has been in and out of jail since 2001.

I guess "Career criminal killed during home invasion" was a little too factual for someone's taste.