Friday, November 10, 2006

Raise Your Hand If This Shocks You

From the Boston Globe:

Boston's top election officials lack experience

No background and little formal training left Hub vulnerable to some big mistakes

By Donovan Slack and Matt Viser, Globe Staff | November 10, 2006

The top officials running Boston's Election Department, the commissioner and her supervisor, came to their jobs with little or no experience running elections and have had only minimal training since.

They have occasionally received training sessions from state election regulators, city officials said. But Election Commissioner Geraldine Cuddyer's main experience before taking the elections job in August 2004 was running the city's 24-hour hotline. Her supervisor, Chief of Public Property Michael Galvin, was a manager at a telephone company for 24 years before Mayor Thomas M. Menino, a childhood friend, appointed him to a Cabinet position that oversees the Election Department and several other departments.

Anyone shocked by this revelation?