Tuesday, November 07, 2006

(Insert Yawning Sound Effect Here)

Nothing to see here, kids. Just more business as usual in the land of the "most effective [at disarming the innocent] gun laws in the nation".

November 5, 2006:

Six Arrested After Armed Robbery

The victim stated he was jumped and five black males stole his credit cards at knifepoint. Officers observed five to six males walk into the store at the Hess Gas Station a short distance from Gardner Street. The victim went on to state that one of the suspects punched him in the head and the other suspect joined in punching and kicking him. The victim stated he fell to the ground and one of the suspects took his credit cards.

November 6, 2006:

Three Suspects Arrested and Charged with Four Different Armed Robberies

Yesterday around 10pm officers from District 4 responded to the area of Commonwealth Ave. for several reported armed robbery calls.


The four victims of the robberies subsequently positively identified the three suspects and their car as well as the items that were found in their possession as belonging to them. The suspects during their crime spree robbed four victims and assaulted them, breaking one victim's arm by assaulting him with a baseball bat.

Novemer 7, 2006:

Armed Robbery of Store 24 in Hyde Park

On arrival officers spoke with clerk who stated an unknown black male entered the store, showed a handgun and demanded cash. The clerk went on to state that the suspect went behind the counter and when the cash register was opened the suspect removed an unknown amount of cash. The suspect ordered the clerk to the ground and fled the store.

Two Arrested For Armed Robbery

The victim stated he was walking on Hazelton Street when the two suspects showed a knife and demanded money. Taken from the victim were twenty dollars, lottery tickets and a pack of cigarettes. The victim was stabbed twice in the chest area. [Remember, kids, just do what they say, and you'll be fine. - ed.]

Massachusetts citizens getting kicked, stabbed, beaten and robbed on a near-daily basis by gangs of violent thugs, with no means to defend themselves, thanks to the tireless efforts of Mayor Menino, Jarrett Barrios, Tom Reilly, and the rest of the criminal-coddling, anti-personal responsibility, "progressives" around these parts, for whom "self-defense" is a four-letter word (hmmm...I wonder who they're all supporting for governor).

And, I didn't bother including all the incidents of illegal gun and drug possession from the past three or four days.

How could anyone possibly want to move out of such a Utopian paradise as this?