Monday, November 27, 2006

The Valley of the Shadow of Mumbles

Here's a classic bit of Mumblespeak for you.

From the Boston Globe:

5 shot, 1 fatally, at teen party

An 18-year-old man was killed and four teenagers were wounded in a shooting at a two-family home in Dorchester early yesterday, bringing to a violent end a raucous three-day party in the house that had attracted hundreds of young people.

Police identified the dead man as Jonathan Jacques of Dorchester. Officers and neighbors said Jacques left the party on Milton Avenue and was shot in the back two doors down from where about 100 teenagers had spilled onto the street just after 3 a.m. yesterday. He was taken to Boston Medical Center, where he died -- the 68th homicide victim in the city this year.


Neighbors said the partying, which began Wednesday and eased on Thanksgiving Day, featured loud reggae music and clogged the streets with vehicles that appeared to come from as far away as Worcester. Neighbors said the party was advertised on the Internet, and the hosts, whom police have yet to identify, charged an entry fee of $5 for male teens and $2 for the females.


At least two groups of people appeared to live in the house, said Mayor Thomas M. Menino , who visited the block near Codman Square to assure residents the city would find out who was responsible for the party and the shooting.

Gee, let me guess how that went.

"I'm concerned about how the party started," said Menino, who talked with several families on the block of spacious, Queen Anne-style homes.

How the party "started"? Excuse me???

How about expressing a shred of concern about how this party was allowed to go on, unchecked, for three fucking days? It's not like it was a low-key affair, by any means.

"Where is the responsibility on the part of those families to understand where those children are?"

Mumbles sure likes talking about "responsibility", but the fact of the matter is, if these had been a couple of 19-year-old BU girls singing "Sweet Caroline" at 12:30 in the morning, spilling Bud Light from red plastic cups over the balcony of a triple-decker in Allston, he'd have the SWAT team down there in ten minutes, hauling the "lawless youth" away in handcuffs.

But, hundreds of teenagers in Dorchester, on a three-day binge, blasting loud music and blocking the streets with their cars, well into the early-morning?

That's just kids being kids, I guess.