Tuesday, January 02, 2007

"Struggling" in Massachusetts

A couple news stories over the last couple of days caught my eye. It seems, with property taxes on the rise in the Bay State (shocking, I know), that some folks are having to cut back on their expenses a bit.

Massachusetts property owners will again see substantial increases in their property tax bills this year, even as home sales have cooled.

Don't worry, people. Your knight in shining armor will be sworn in shortly to fix everything.


"We're definitely a family stretched to the limits," said Sheri Norred , who lives in Hopkinton with her husband and 3-year-old son. "I kind of have it in my head that it's going to hit us every couple of years, and we're going to have to find ways to deal with it."

Norred, who said the tax bill on her $308,700 home is going up nearly $700 this year, said she has started shopping at Market Basket, a discount chain, instead of her regular grocery store, and now takes back roads to get to her Cambridge office to avoid paying tolls. "There are things that you have to do because of a strain on the taxes," she said.

...while others will be "struggling" in the new year to a slightly lesser degree.

From McDonald’s in Egelston Square to Burger King in Roslindale, Boston minimum wage earners are ringing in the New Year by jangling a little extra change in their pockets.


The pay raise passed last year by the state Legislature elevates the pay of more than 100,000 Bay State workers. The state’s minimum wage, which is now $6.75, will grow to $7.50 after today.

Because forcing employers to give people more money for doing the same work - regardless of one's job performance, and with no additional responsibilities or expectations of higher work output - just feeeeeeels so good!

And, at long last, a little economic relief for those struggling to make it in Massachusetts - people like Pierre Solomon here.

At a Roslindale Burger King Pierre Salomon, 16, earns $7 an hour.

"I'll probably buy a PS3, buy some sneakers, some clothes," he said. "It'll help with my phone bill. I have a cell phone."

The poor thing. In these troubling times, he'll probably have to settle for the basic model with the smaller, 20 GB hard drive. And, possibly (gasp!) fewer "anytime" minutes!

Oh, the humanity!

Dear Pierre,

Enjoy that Playstation and those new $200 basketball shoes. We're more than happy to help. Text us if there's anything else we can get for you. You need a minibike? And, remember, be sure to vote Democrat when you're old enough.


The Massachusetts General Court