Friday, March 16, 2007

Keeping Up With the Jones's Marxists

From the New Hampshire Advantage Coalition:

For Immediate Release:
March 16, 2007

NH Advantage Coalition Warns of "Fair" Tax Group's Agenda

Manchester, NH – The New Hampshire Advantage Coalition sounded the alarm to NH’s taxpayers today about an underhanded attempt of the Granite State Fair Tax Coalition to raise support for a income or sales tax.

The towns of Amherst, Harrisville, Sharon and Milton passed a resolution stating: "We the citizens of (Amherst, Harrisville, etc.) believe in a New Hampshire that is just and fair. The property tax has become unjust and unfair. 'The Pledge' perpetuates a burdensome property tax. We urge our elected officials to reject he Pledge,' have an open discussion covering all options, and to adopt a revenue system that relieves the local property tax burden."

"It's a simple bait and switch," said Tammy Simmons, NHAC Executive Director. "The resolution implies that it is simply an attempt to reduce the property tax, when in reality this "fair tax" coalition is attempting to fool people into supporting a new, additional broad-based tax." Such a conclusion is inescapable, since the 'Pledge', though not described in their ballot resolutions, is a pledge made by legislative candidates to stand against a broad-based tax."

"For the members of the 'Fair' Tax Coalition, taxes will only be fair when control over them is taken away from the citizens in each town, and handed to politicians in Concord." said NHAC Chairman Mike Biundo.

"Their belief that this will relieve local property taxes is a fantasy," said NHAC Communications Director Gardner Goldsmith.

"Their belief that X will result in Y is a fantasy."

Gee...stop me if you've heard that one before.

"In response to a similar education lawsuit crisis in 1976, New Jersey instituted an income tax that was supposed to relieve the 'unfair' burden of the locally controlled property tax. The result was a disaster. Property taxes did not decrease, but increased, and they now have some of the highest in the nation. Other states have followed, with the same results."

When your rallying cry translates to "Why can't we be more like New Jersey?", you are simply beyond help, and it should serve as a sure-fire indicator that a fundraiser needs to be held immediately to raise the money needed to buy your ass a one-way bus ticket out of New Hampshire.*

NHAC believes we can still reject the backwards thinking of big-taxers like the GSFTC, but it will take courage, integrity, and honesty - characteristics lacking from an organization that claims it is not in favor of any specific tax, but whose agenda is very, very clear.

New Hampshire Advantage Coalition is a bi-partisan, NH-based organization formed to preserve the economic and political blessings that make the state an attractive place to live and work.

Needless to say, the filthy, loathsome statists at The Granite State Fair Tax Coalition can kiss my fair ass.

* I realized that I posted this one after this earlier post containing the "Why can't we be more like New Jersey?" reference. So, now you know what I was talking about.