Thursday, March 22, 2007

Photo Album Flashback

Though, not from my photo albums this time.

My wife's grandfather in France passed away recently, and she had to fly over for the funeral and to tend to his estate. Among the items she brought back (or had shipped back) were four boxes of photo albums and home movies. I've just started to scan the pages of the photo albums to burn them onto CD's for her family on the west coast.

Anyway, here are some pictures her grandfather took during his days in the French Air Force (circa 1938-1943). I figure there's probably some warbird buffs out there reading my blog who will appreciate these. Enjoy.

(click images to enlarge)

50 bonus points (and a shiny new bumper sticker - ooooh!) to anyone who identifies the aircraft.

More pics to follow.

UPDATE: I had left this one out of the original post, as the markings are clearly visible on the tail, which kinda makes it easy to identify.

Of course, I missed that and Googled "French WWII Aircraft" for like an hour to find out what it was.