Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Tuesday Morning Horse Flog

There will be some who read this story, whose first reaction will be to blame the gun used for this horrific murder-suicide that went down a few days ago in Boscawen, New Hampshire, a town ten miles or so north of Concord.

BOSCAWEN – Two people were killed and two seriously wounded when a domestic dispute turned into a murder-suicide case Friday afternoon.

Boy, I'm sure a couple more gun laws would have saved them all. Just like I'm sure a flock of winged monkeys will be flying out of my ass any moment now.

As UnionLeader.com first reported, Brenda Hewey Barnum, 34, died and her son, Matthew Smith, 11, was seriously injured in the attack.

The Attorney General's Office late this afternoon identified Jacob R. Smith, 34, of Concord as the shooter.

The same people who will jump at this opportunity to blame the gun for the actions of this deranged piece of filth of a human will be same people to claim that the overly restrictive gun laws in Massachusetts are really helping to make violent crimes of that heinous nature a rarity in the Commonwealth.

Of course, I would beg to differ.

Dad torches self and two kids: Helpless mom sees horror at workplace

SPRINGFIELD - As his girlfriend watched in horror, screaming and restrained by co-workers, a father burned yesterday with his two young children in the car he had deliberately set ablaze.

Man Charged With Killing Stepfather In Arlington

(WBZ) ARLINGTON A 41-year-old man has been charged with killing his elderly stepfather in a brutal attack in Arlington Monday morning.

Arthur Sullivan, 79, was stabbed several times inside his home at 39 Epping Street.

The following should go without saying, but sadly, there exist on this planet, to this day, people who need daily reminding of even the most obvious of truths.

A deranged individual, intent on murdering his own family, will never be swayed to a life of goodwill and charity by suddenly finding out one day that he's unable to purchase a firearm with which to carry out his nefarious intentions, or by having his application for a pistol license turned down by the chief of police in his town.

A gallon of gasoline and a book of matches, or a knife, in the hands of a violent, lawless individual present as big a danger to the welfare of the general public and that person's would-be victims, as a loaded gun. It is the individual, not the device, which is responsible for acts of evil, such as these, in this world.

To believe otherwise is pure folly, and a sure sign the person holding such beliefs is a left-wing ideologue prone to dismissing reality for the more "comfortable" world of fantasy and delusion.

Or, as Archie Bunker so eloquently asked of his daughter Gloria...

Would it make you feel any better, little girl, if they was pushed out of windows?