Thursday, March 01, 2007

Aging Gracefully

Well, it's a hair after midnight on the first of March, which means in ten more days, this blog (recent name change notwithstanding) will turn three years old. What's that in people years? 63? 75?

Anyway, to mark the occasion, I'll be putting up three "Year in Review" posts, highlighting one post from every month of the three years I've spent writing this blog, wondering if anyone was reading, and if anyone gave a shit about what I had to say.

Starting today.


March 2004:

What the ...?

So, I'm perusing the junk mail that's sitting on the coffee table the other day, and I find the latest Orvis catalog. I decide to flip through it, because the last I knew (and someone PLEASE correct me if I'm wrong), Orvis sold hunting and fishing clothes, or clothes that at least evoked the image of someone who might be inclined to go kill a furry critter or two.


April 2004:

The Mumbles Chronicles - continued

Again, PLEASE don't let this article from the Boston Globe destroy your faith in your elected officials. Was that sarcastic enough? I could turn it up a notch if need be.


May 2004:

The pride of Morrisey Boulevard

Why let annoying little things like facts and journalistic ethics get in your way when you're trying to bash the President, undermine the war on terror, and fuel the fires of anti-Americanism around the world, while pushing your liberal agenda with your newspaper? Ask the Boston Globe.


June 2004:

Granite State vs. Bay State

Here's a quick (yet a tad lengthy) comparison of The People's Republic of Massachusetts and the "Live Free or Die" state of New Hampshire. You tell me, which would you prefer?


July 2004:

More Mass. Mentality

Recently, in towns across Massachusetts and elsewhere, coyote sightings in residential neighborhoods are on the increase as more and more housing is being built, displacing them from their natural habitats. Now, in most normal parts of the country, the presence of a wild animal in one's yard wouldn't require a whole lot of thinking in order to remedy the situation.


August 2004:

Yes, MORE anti-gun BS

Here's a truly pathetic attempt by Globe columnist Steve Bailey to shift the blame for the recent surge in street violence from the criminals who are shooting people to the gun manufacturers, specifically Smith & Wesson. I wasn't planning on dissecting this in as much detail as I have, but these things just seem to write themselves sometimes.

As usual, the "Dead Horse Beating" warning applies.


September 2004:

Globe Bull Warning

Thomas Oliphant has a Boston Globe "web exclusive" column today making a truly pathetic last-minute argument for the renewal of the Assault Weapons ban scheduled to sunset on Monday after 10 years on the books. Nothing unusual really, just your typical misrepresentations of the facts and flawed reasoning we've come to expect from the proponents of nearly every piece of gun control legislation to come down the pike.


October 2004:

Mayor Still Clueless - News at 11

In the span of eight days, two women were abducted, blindfolded, beaten, and savagely raped in the gun-free utopia of Boston. All I can say is thank God these women had been disarmed by the liberal establishment in this town, else something bad might have happened to them - or their poor misunderstood victims-of-society rapists.


And, just because (for TC): It Wasn't a Dream

November 2004:

MA Gun Control Success Stories - vol. XVIII

Here's the scenario:

Guy wants to kill his ex-girlfriend.

Guy gets caught trying to bring a knife onto a plane en-route to do so.

Guy unable to buy gun - due to Massachusetts' onerous gun control laws.

YAY! Life saved. Problem solved, right?


December 2004:

More On Mumbles

A little post-election analysis from Natalie Jacobson's interview with The Great Orator of Readville:


January 2005:

How to Become a Felon in Five Months

If this article doesn't exemplify how completely fucked up Massachusetts' firearms laws are, nothing will.


February 2005:

Reality Disconnect - Aisle Six!

Here's the latest "progressive" crime-fighting initiative to emanate from the halls of the State House.


Stay tuned for my second "Year in Review" installment, March 2005 through February 2006. Get your horse-beating sticks ready. They just might come in handy.

~ Bruce