Monday, April 16, 2007

Loose Ends

Just a quick post I meant to get up earlier, but I got caught up in the news of the day.

I had not heard of the VA Tech shootings when it all went down, because, like so many of my neighbors up here, I was dealing with yet another power outage caused by the recent storm. Once the generator was hooked up, I put the local news on to get an update on the storm conditions and the efforts underway to restore power.

Needless to say, the news coverage at the time was all Boston Marathon-related. Around the time of the men's start of the race, the NECN anchors, Leslie Gaydos and Mike Nikitas, offered up some real words of wisdom - giving us these Quotes of the Day.

First, we had Leslie commenting on the weather conditions...

Wet tennis shoes will probably slow down some of these runners.

Um...running the marathon in dry tennis shoes wouldn't exactly be shaving seconds off their time, either. Tap shoes, on the other hand...

But that was nothing - just the warm up in the "Let's Say Who Can Say the Dumbest Thing On the Air Today" contest the two of them seemed to have been having.

Not ten minutes after that, it was Mike's turn.

After a brief side note, where he mentioned that the Patriot's Day re-enactment on the Lexington Green had been cancelled due to inclement weather and cold temperatures, he noted that the weather on that day back in 1775 was around 50 degrees and sunny.

And then...

Perhaps, if the weather had been like today, they wouldn't have been up for the fight.

"I dunno guys, it's kind of sucky out today. Is tyranny really all that bad?"

Perhaps, if we weren't in the middle of raising an entire generation of total wussbags, we wouldn't have to listen to ignorant tripe like while watching what passes for news these days.

Seriously, mention something about the rain getting their powder wet, or the mud slowing them down on the way to Concord, or something. Anything halfway intelligent would have been nice.

But to suggest that the colonists would have simply packed it in, and surrendered their arms to the British, on account of the weather???

I need a scotch.