Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Q: Who is/was the greatest rock n' roll frontman of all time?

UPDATE: I can't remember if I read Chris Byrne's earlier post on this topic, but as I explained in the comments, I was doing some yard work the other day, listening to a block of live Queen on the radio, and last night, I caught Kid Rock doing a less-than-stellar cover of Fat-Bottomed Girls on some country music show.

Sorry, but if you cover a Queen song, you better fucking bring it. Granted, they were doing a "country fried" version of it, but it still sucked cat nuts by comparison.

Side note: In the fall of 1977, I won a pair of tickets from WJBQ in Portland (calling in on a rotary dial phone) to see Queen [add: with Cheap Trick] at the Cumberland County Civic Center - opening night of the News of the World Tour. Sadly*, my parents decided that I was too young (11) to go to such a mind-corrupting event. Had to sell the tickets to the older sister of one my older brother's friends. Sold the pair for $15 - above face value.


I was also somewhat inspired to post something on this topic after seeing this piece of crap top-100 list a while back. From Kerrang Magazine, their version of the Top-100 Rock Icons of All-Time...

Let's review.





Yeah, I don't think so.

*understatement of the century