Sunday, May 06, 2007

What's Wrong With This Sentence?

From Meg "Fair and Balanced" Heckman at the Concord Monitor:

About a dozen people gathered around lunchtime for the rally, which was organized by Exeter resident Ron Oplinus, director of the New Hampshire chapter of the Minutemen. He spent about a month organizing the event in response to Cinco de Mayo, Mexican independence day, and the pro-immigration rallies held throughout the country earlier this week.

No hints. This is an easy one, if you've been paying attention.

Bonus Question:

Which of the three protesters, pictured below, would have found himself face down on the bricks, with a state trooper's knee on the back of his neck, had this protest taken place outside the Massachusetts State House in Boston? hints required.

(Photo by Lori Duff / Concord Monitor)

OK, so maybe there's more than one correct answer for this one, considering what passes for "hate speech" in the People's Progressive Republic of Massachusetts these days.