Thursday, June 28, 2007

There Were No Earthquakes in NH Today

What you felt was the presence of Fred Thompson rippling across New Hampshire as the would-be candidate made his first official non-campaign stop in the Granite State.

Thompson appeared to be targeting conservative voters during the trip. His first stop was Riley's Gun shop, where he told customers that he supports property rights, rule of law and limited government.

Just like Hillary, except for, well, everything.

FDT: Limited government
HRC: Big, friggin' monstrosity government

FDT: Respect for American citizens' 2nd Amendment rights
HRC: Disarm American citizens

FDT: Find terrorists, then kill them.
HRC: Find out why they're angry at us, then "fix" it.

FDT: Economic growth through lower taxes
HRC: Marxist redistribution of wealth through higher taxes

FDT: Freedom of expression of thought
HRC: Cuban-style government control over radio content

FDT: Secure the border
HRC: Qué?

Yeah...that would be a tough call.