Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Another Top-10 List

It's movie cars this time around.

No. 8: 1974 Dodge Monaco, "The Blues Brothers"

Drivetrain: 275-hp, 7.1-liter V-8 with three-speed automatic transmission; rear-wheel drive

Notable Features: Cop motor, cop tires, cop suspension, cop shocks

I'd have put "that shitbox Dodge" a tad closer to the top of the list, but that's just me.

And, of course, they just had to put a hybrid at #1.

(link via Eric at Viking Pundit)

UPDATE: It seems cars.com had the Bluesmobile at #3 in last year's Top-10 Movie Car list. Now, I gotta go back to see if I blogged about this already. Regardless, that's a seemingly unwarranted demotion of five notches on the list in one year's time? What gives?

And, would it be asking too much of them to get their facts straight?

You usually don't come out ahead when swapping a Caddy for a Dodge — unless the Dodge has a 440-cubic-inch V-8.

Everyone knows Elwood traded the Cadillac for a microphone.