Friday, July 27, 2007

Thingz Iv'e Lurned

I'm debating whether to bother returning to the comments to this post over at Dan "The purpose of car insurance is redistribution of income" Kennedy's blog.

Here's what I've learned so far from the members of the intelligentsia posting there who were kind enough to bestow their vast knowledge upon me.

If you are a member of a 2nd Amendment advocacy group...'re an "unamerican degereate".

If you believe the Second Amendment protects an individual right to bear arms, and that gun control laws that arbitrarily restrict the rights of Americans to own firearms are unconstitutional infringements on said right...'re "nuts".

If, in the process of defending the 2nd Amendment and calling out those who would wipe their asses with it, you provide rational arguments, backed up by facts...'re "volatile"

If you write a blog, in which you go into great detail discussing individual rights and liberties, providing links to news stories and published records that back up pretty much everything you say...'re a "wacko".

If you do any of the following...

(a) enjoy the shooting sports
(b) own more than a handful of guns
(c) own guns that look like assault rifles're "sick" and you need to be placed under some kind of "restraint".

Wow. I feel so educated now. I had no idea how mentally unstable I was. I'd go and post a response, but the voices in my heads are telling me to go clean my guns.

UPDATE: Be sure you don't miss these other cerebral nuggets:

You can go out at late hours in most of Europe and you don't feel threatened by your surrounding as much as you do in some parts here. That's the point.

Um...OK. Can I play too?

You can go out at late hours in most of America and you don't feel threatened by your surrounding as much as you do in some parts of Europe. That's the point.

So, for those of you keeping score at home, his or her completely meaningless statement, which falls roughly seven light years short of making a point, is "the point".

Got it?

Seriously, that's right up there with the reality-deprived members of the Castro Coddlers Club who drone on incessantly, while reading from their dog-eared set of Michael Moore flashcards, about how the literacy rate in Cuba is "higher than many parts of the United States".

In the minds of some, these vacuous statements actually "prove" something...I mean, something other than their unyielding allegiance to the advancement of leftism the world over.

But, I digress...

You know those home-invading, scumbag, rapists/murderers down in Cheshire, Connecticut? The ones who, according to every news account I've read, didn't use any guns in the commission of their horrific crimes?

They're "the kind of lovely people [I] enable with [my] madness."

As I'm wont to say...


Whatever you do don't tell this person that those brutal murders have caused an upswing in the number of Connecticut residents arming themselves to take responsibility for their families' well-being and security.

NEWINGTON, Conn. -- State gun sales have shot up in the days after the wife and two daughters of a prominent Connecticut physician were killed, according to a local gun shop owner.

I know, not very "progressive" of them.

Perhaps that chapter in "Fearing Guns for Dummies" should be renamed "Violent Crime Causes More Guns".

I wonder what David "Citizens Who Refuse To Be Helpless Victims Cause Crime" Hemenway has to say on this, because, back in the fall of 2004, he stated pulled this one out of his ass:

Rarely does a suburban homeowner beat a burglar to the draw in his living room at 3 a.m.

Well, if the alternative is to be beaten and stuffed down into my basement while my wife and daughters are upstairs being tied to their beds, raped, and burned alive, I'll take my fucking chances.

Thanks anyway.