Monday, August 06, 2007

Child Injured at GOP Machine Gun Shoot Fundraiser

Ban car doors now!

PELHAM – Manchester Republicans traded bullets for bucks yesterday in an unorthodox and controversial fundraiser at a Pelham firing range.

The city Republican party's first-ever "Machine Gun Shoot" lured hundreds of thrill-seekers and Second Amendment advocates to the Pelham Fish and Game Club with promises of a rare opportunity to wrap their hands around an automatic weapon.

"That was an experience, wasn't it?" said Ken Stargill, 27, smiling broadly after blasting 30 rounds from an AK-47.

About 350 people participated, with proceeds split evenly among the party, the Fish and Game club and the gun supplier, Manchester Firing Line Range. City Republican committee chairman Jerry Thibodeau estimated the party made upward of $2,000 on the day.

No one was hurt, he said, except for one girl who slammed her finger in a car door.

A good (though expensive) time was had by all. Gun rental fees were based on magazine capacity at 75 cents a round.

I dropped $45 to wreak havoc on some defenseless bowling pins with the Tommy Gun and the suppressed MP5. While German beer isn't exactly my beverage of choice, those Krauts sure make a nice submachine gun.