Monday, August 20, 2007

File Under: Who'd Have Thunk?

A quick update on the Edgewood Park Defense Patrol down in New Haven, CT (my previous blog posts here).

For the past two months, Mr. Greer, Mr. Brooks and fellow volunteers in the Edgewood Park Defense Patrol — half of whom carry guns — have walked and biked through this neighborhood nightly to bring a sense of safety to an area they said had experienced an increase in crime and a decrease in police patrols.

Though Mayor John DeStefano Jr. has called the patrols a "recipe for disaster," members of the group said that they had not once pulled out a gun, and the authorities acknowledged that violent crime had gone down in Edgewood since the patrols began.

American citizens protecting their community while carrying privately-owned firearms. Why, one could almost draw the conclusion that the Second Amendment is still highly relevant after all these years, despite the incessant ramblings of bigoted, anti-gun rights politicians, such as Mayor DeStefano there, and the rest of the PSH Brigade.