Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I Wonder (Not) What Will Become of This

Suspect In Norton Shootings Didn't Need Gun Permit

The man who police say shot his girlfriend and two of her daughters in Norton didn't need a license for the gun he used because it was an antique.

Legislation to close the "antique assault weapon loophole" hits the floor of the Massachusetts state legislature in 10, 9, 8...

Police say Robert McDermott used a .44 caliber black powder revolver. But McDermott would've needed a permit to buy ammunition for the gun.

Um...apparently not.

That headline really says it all.

Just like all the gangbangers in Boston who didn't "need" a gun permit to commit all their shootings on the city streets, this scumbag didn't "need" permission from the government to use a firearm in a violent, highly illegal manner.

Anyone who thinks Elizabeth Cann would be alive today had McDermott not been able to get his hands on a firearm is a fool (and, likely, a Democrat). He was going to kill her that day. She had no chance.