Wednesday, August 01, 2007

This Can't Be!

How can it be that some of the more violence-prone neighborhoods in Boston have seen a decrease in the number of shootings, compared to last year? Mayor Menino told us that in order for that to happen, we here in New Hampshire would have to adopt Menino-style*, gun control laws.

And, that ain't happened.

Police Commissioner Edward F. Davis attributed the decline to an increased police presence in the neighborhoods, targeted investigations, and arrests of suspects police believed were responsible for shootings.

Arresting criminals can result in a lower crime rate???


I had no idea!

He also cited resources added to the city's job, youth, and recreation programs.

But, what of Mayor Menino's gun buyback program, which he proclaimed last year to have been a "major success"? Ed must have just forgotten to mention it.

To help keep the numbers down, Davis said, police will continue to investigate and round up suspects they believe are responsible for shootings, but whom they have been unable to arrest on gun charges, by pursuing drug charges, parole violations, and other offenses.

Could it be that the light of reason is shining through the once-thought-to-be impenetrable haze of inept leadership in that town?

* Racist policies that enable rich, white folks to arm themselves and exercise their natural right to self-defense, while at the same time, telling low-income residents in the city's minority neighbors they're simply shit out of luck, and that the Constitution doesn't apply to their kind.

Just don't tell Ted "I *heart* minority votes rights" Kennedy about this. He'll be outraged.