Sunday, September 09, 2007

If There's One Thing I Can Really Appreciate

It's a quality 70's cartoon reference.

BTW, I think it's funny how the liberals are acting like all we right wing bloggers conspired together to use the talking point that Osama sounds like a left-wing blogger. Did they ever consider that the reasons we all said he sounds exactly like a left-wing blogger is because he sounds exactly like a left-wing blogger? If in his video he had said, "Hey! Hey! Hey!" in a deep voice, we'd all be saying he sounded like Fat Albert. Instead, he said, "Democrats need to get America our of Iraq now and you need to read Chomsky and worry about global warming," so we're all saying he sounds like a liberal blogger. Occam's razor.

Obama/Bin Laden: It's more than just a not-so-clever play on words, it's every anti-Bush leftist's dream ticket for November '08.