Sunday, October 07, 2007

Another Resounding Victory

...for the Victim Disarmament Society.

A shirtless madman wielding stolen knives went on a bloody midtown rampage yesterday - stabbing a restaurant worker and a psychologist walking her dog before being shot by an off-duty cop, authorities said.

Deranged Lee Coleman stood wild-eyed over the dog-walker, methodically plunging a knife into her body and face over and over - even pausing to change knives as the woman lay in a pool of blood, screaming for help.

Gun Control: Because the right of a crazed mental patient to repeatedly plunge a large chef's knife into a defenseless woman's chest cavity in front of multiple helpless onlookers is more sacrosanct than her right to prevent him from doing so.

Or, so says Rudy "New Yorkers Shouldn't Be Armed" Giuliani.

Also, from the "Gun Control Success Stories" file:

7 Killed In Wisconsin Shooting Rampage

Further "proof", no doubt, that we need more common sense gun laws, like the ones in England, Washington DC, Chicago, etc., where only the police are allowed to carry such deadly implements.

CRANDON, Wis. -- Police say a law enforcement officer opened fire at a house party in Crandon, Wis., killing six people before he was taken down by a sniper, reported Milwaukee-area television station WISN-TV.


Never mind.