Saturday, October 06, 2007

I Shouldn't Be One To Criticize*

Every time I've tried to put words to music, it comes out sounding like something someone's already done. But Bruce Springsteen? I just heard his new one on the radio, and I'd expect someone with his years of experience in the music biz to be able to put out a new single without it sounding exactly like "867-5309 (Jenny)".

I mean, come on, Boss. I'd be digging that new track much more had you just put out a cover version of "Jenny", instead of singing different words over the original music.

Seriously, if you're gonna rip off someone else's song for your new single, don't pick the single most recognizable pop riff of the last 25 years.

UPDATE: Video for "Road to Nowhere" here. You be the judge.

And, from the font of true intellectual discourse (YouTube comments):

This sounds like classic springsteen.

Um, no, it sounds like classic Tommy Tutone.

I love this song! The Boss is really back!

Yeah, because that song didn't sound like anything that four or five guys in a fraternity basement could have cranked out after drinking a couple Matt's beer balls. Springsteen could have put out a CD of him banging rocks against some aluminum gutters and you'd be calling it the most avant-garde musical creation since the invention of the harpsichord.

I'm 15 and am into shit like Rise Against and Soilwork, but I heard this song on MuchMoreMusic and It's got a catchy beat I gotta say its not bad

OK, I'll give you a pass. I wouldn't expect you to recognize the riff, seeing as your parents were probably in sixth grade when the original came out.

Only came over here to check out the "controversy", not even a BOSS fan.I have to say, this is so stupid. So the guitar riff at the start and at other times sounds very close to the melody line of the chorus for "867". So what? Bruces' main melody line is totally different. That's the part of a song that makes a song. There's only eight original notes to work with people, logically, different people are going to coincedentally happen upon similar combinations of those notes from time to time.

If I were you, I'd take your piano back to the store and ask for a refund. Seems they forgot to put on the black keys.

This one's gotta be my favorite.

xtrm1 (1 month ago)

867-5309 Jenny!

showtime5700 (1 month ago)

it is not even close, don't hate


*Like that's ever stopped me before