Thursday, October 04, 2007


This is clearly the fault of us New Hampshire gun owners and our "awful" gun laws, the ones despised by Mayors Bloomberg and Menino, that allow all law-abiding citizens to exercise their right to self defense, regardless of socio-econmic standing.*

The internal BPD report obtained by the Herald presents more than a dozen examples in which police busted reputed gangbangers, only to see them back on the streets because of bureaucratic snafus and crackdowns on cop pay to appear in court.

Cordell McAfee, 20, an alleged member of the Columbia Road gang, was busted on charges of having a gun in Grove Hall in Roxbury. The arresting officers were never summonsed to Roxbury court for pretrials hearings, and the case against McAfee was eventually dismissed.

In March, cops arrested three reputed members of the notorious Orchard Park gang for allegedly robbing a member of the Roxbury Boys and Girls Club with a gun as the youth went to the store.

The suspects, Lyndon Scott, 18, Kevin Crutchfield, 20, and DaShawn Matthews, 17, were identified by the victim and arrested for assault and battery, according to Boston police reports. A fake firearm allegedly used in the robbery was recovered from Crutchfield, the report states. But officers were never summonsed for the pretrial hearing, and the suspects, who were not charged with armed robbery, were released on bail.

All three have been arrested since for violent crimes, according to the BPD internal report. Scott was charged with a recent shooting; Marshall with gun possession; and Matthews with intimidation of a witness stemming from the shooting Scott is charged with, according to the report.

Gee, if only licensed gun owners in Massachusetts were restricted from buying more than one handgun accessory in a 30-day period, then these violent criminals would undoubtedly see the evil of their ways and begin lining up to volunteer their service to the Massachusetts Department of Corrections.

And, if only the licensed gun owners in Massachusetts were required to install GPS tracking devices on their firearms and forced to pay for expensive handgun insurance, these same criminals, upon being released from prison (after serving out their lengthy self-imposed sentences), would surely be driven to lives of peace, love, and charity.

At least, that's what Mayor Menino, Governor Patrick, and the rest of the leftist gumballs running that socialistic (non)workers' paradise would have you believe.

I'll never understand how so many supposedly educated people can be so incredibly stupid.

* or poor, black or white, male or female, gay or straight, Buddhist or Episcopalian. It makes no difference. Freedom, rights, and equality for all! I know it's not as "progressive" as things are down in Massachusetts, but it works for us.