Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Buckle Your Seat Belts

The Supreme Court will be hearing the Heller case.

If liberty and truth prevail, I'd say it's a safe bet that DC mayor Adrian Fenty will be looking to implement Rudy Giuliani-style gun control as soon as possible. That would be where handguns can be carried for personal protection by all DC residents who happen to be rich and/or famous.

On the other hand, if the fascist/collectivist view prevails, and the Supreme Court puts down the hash pipe long enough to tell us that the 2nd Amendment protects the government's the "right" to maintain a military and prohibit civilian gun possession, you can expect for the gun rights voters to mobilize like never before in the months leading up to November 2008.

I'll consider it a good omen that this announcement came on the same day Live Free or Die Hard was released on DVD.

Other blog commentary:

Say Uncle:

I told you.


Great news, but I’m going to be crapping thumbtacks over this until we get a positive ruling.

Jeff Soyer:

It is indeed a perversion of the intent of our founders to believe that the Bill of Rights, a document specifically designed to spell out individual rights, somehow stops short of that in the Second Amendment.

Hot Air:

Fearless prediction: Get ready to give up those guns, kids, because this one’s going the other way. And you know damned well whom you’ll have to thank. The Gipper!