Monday, November 05, 2007

The Hit Parade Rolls On

This latest "Fred Sucks, Because We Say So" piece one comes none other than (surprise, surprise) our good friends at The Caucus, the now-infamous New York Times' blog anti-Fred mouthpiece.

It seems Julie Bosman, writing for "The Paper of [Broken] Record", had no trouble finding this Ordinary Joe* in the crowd at this morning's "Politics and Eggs" event in Bedford...

“I want to support him, but I don’t think the passion’s there,” said Walter Wise, a consultant from Nashua. “He hasn’t spent enough time here.”

..but couldn't be bothered to track down anyone with anything favorable to say about Senator Thompson and his campaign. Truly shocking, I know.

Then again, no one's ever accused the New York Times and its staff of agenda-driven scribes of being overly "fair and balanced".

* I wonder if Mr. Wise was wearing his "Rudy 2008" button when he was singled out by the Times for this unbiased assessment of his.

UPDATE: What do you know? Turns out Fred's message did resonate with at least some of the folks who went to see him speak in Bedford yesterday, contrary to the impression, with which the New York Times would like to leave you.

Via the AP:

"Of all the candidates that are out there, he's the one who most closely represents my values. He has my vote," said Laura Clark, 39, a stay-at-home mom from Bedford, who hadn't been convinced Thompson was her guy when she and her young daughter arrived Monday at a local inn to listen to him speak over breakfast.

Others weren't sold — but indicated they could be if they knew more about him.

"He answered questions very completely. But I'm still undecided," said Monica Zulauf, 51, the executive director of the YWCA of Manchester who sought an autograph from the actor-politician. "I'm waiting for a candidate who resonates on all fronts for me."

Could Thompson be that person? "He might be," she said.

AAAAGH!!!! Fair and balanced journalism!!! Accuracy in the media!!!

Fetchez la vache!!!