Monday, November 12, 2007

Just Don't Dare Call Her a Liberal

A maniacal, power-hungry control freak of the nanny-state, socialist variety, maybe, but not a "liberal". That heinous appellation simply wouldn't go over too well with the American public.

Hillary Rodham Clinton was asked this summer if she would describe herself as a “liberal.”

The Democratic front-runner shied away, saying the “word” — noticeably not using the word — has taken on a connotation that “describes big government.

Given that "I love big government!" has become the dominant defining trait of today's liberal bureaucratic busybodies, I can only say, "Well, duh!".

“I prefer the word ‘progressive,’” she said. It has a “real American meaning.”

Yeah, like "progressively" stripping American's of their right to bear arms in the defense of their families, as they work toward their end goal of total civilian disarmament.

"Progressively" dissolving our nation's borders and sovereignty, disguising these insidious, incremental maneuvers as "compassion for the needy".

"Progressively" stripping parents in America of their ability to choose where to send their kids to school, in the interest of keeping their well-heeled campaign donors happy.

"Progressively" taking parental responsibility over their children's medical needs away from the parents and handing it to a bunch of agenda-driven, nanny-state bureaucrats.

"Progressively" trying to raise our taxes, cripple our country's economic output and restrict our individual liberties, in their fraudulent campaign to convince the American public that such punishing measures, undertaken for the benefit of the"common good", will prevent the sun's rays from heating the surface of the planet in a cyclical manner.

"Progressively" taking away the rights of property owners to dictate which lawful activities can take place on their property.

"Progressively" restricting what we, as free people, can choose to eat, both at home and in our favorite restaurants.

Because, nothing screams "American values" quite like the utter destruction of personal freedom and individual responsibility.

Then she expanded the term to “modern progressive,” and, finally, clarified that she was a “modern American progressive.”

You say tomato, I say centralized government-loving, Marxist thug.