Friday, February 15, 2008

Rule #1 Violators In the News

Seems a couple scumbags in Texas brought knives to a gunfight.

Police said one man is in the hospital after an elderly North Texas man took action into his own hands when confronted by two armed brothers inside his home Saturday night.

Police said they believe the brothers went to 80-year-old James Pickett's home with the intent to rob him, and even possibly kill him. However, Pickett - a World War II veteran, former fighter and lifelong John Wayne devotee - wasn't about to let that happen.

It all began Saturday night when Pickett said he opened his door and two men barged inside.

"He just come through that door stabbing and beating," he said.

However, Pickett said just before he went to answer the door, he had first placed a pistol into his pocket.

"And he jumped and turned, and I shot him there," he said.

The two brothers, Paul and Holden Perry, ran, but didn't get far before calling an ambulance. One of the bullets just missed Paul Perry's spine.

"He's my hero," said one neighbor of Pickett.

"Well, I ain't got no business being a hero, by no means," he said.

Both brothers face assault, burglary and robbery charges. Deputies assured Pickett they aren't likely to get out of jail anytime soon. However, he didn't seem that worried anyhow.

"I think I'm a ten times better shot than he is," he said. "... But, they best not come back."

GUN CONTROL: Because the right of a couple scumbags to break into an 80-year-old man's house and murder him by stabbing him repeatedly in the head is more sacrosanct than the right of the 80-year-old man to prevent them from doing so.

The money quote from this story comes from the WFAA anchor reporting on the story in this "must-see TV" video clip.

...and tonight, one of the suspects is in the hospital.

OK, it's not much on paper, so to speak, but watch the clip to see and hear the smile on her face and the sheer happiness in her voice when she delivers that line.


Also, check out the handcannon our hero used to send the little bitches screaming out the door.

Yep. That's a .22 Mini-Revolver from NAA.

Rule #1: Bring a gun.