Thursday, March 06, 2008

Maine Cribbage Nazis - UPDATE

Lawmaker wants change in cribbage gaming law

AUGUSTA - A 34-year-old law affecting some of Maine's most passionate cribbage players is due for an update, according to Rep. John Patrick.

The Rumford Democrat, who teamed up with Gov. John Baldacci to craft the new legislation, testified on behalf of the bill before the Legal and Veterans Affairs Committee on Monday.

"Agree with it or not, when you say, 'I'm going to bet you $5 or 50 cents a point,' that becomes gambling," said Patrick, House chairman of the committee.

And remember, kids, gambling is bad for you.

Unless the State is getting a cut of the action, at which point gambling magically transforms into a healthy activity to be promoted on behalf of the "common good".

Just like smoking.

Patrick's proposal would allow groups such as the American Legion or Knights of Columbus to pay a $30 annual licensing fee to host games with up to 20 players. Currently the fee is $7.50 per cribbage board.

The bill would also raise the daily entry fee that groups are allowed to charge participants from $1 to $5.

Here's a proposal for you. Go piss up a rope!

If ever there was a time for civil disobedience, this is it. I'd love to see the look on the prosecutor's face when he's handed the paperwork for six WWII vets who just got arrested, handcuffed, and fingerprinted for having played an unlicensed cribbage tournament.

Bring it on!