Wednesday, June 04, 2008

This Just In!

Washington D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier is still an unrepentant fascist with absolutely no regard for the Constitutional rights of the city's residents, whom she's sworn to protect.

D.C. police will seal off entire neighborhoods, set up checkpoints and kick out strangers under a new program that D.C. officials hope will help them rescue the city from its out-of-control violence.

Under an executive order expected to be announced today, police Chief Cathy L. Lanier will have the authority to designate “Neighborhood Safety Zones.” At least six officers will man cordons around those zones and demand identification from people coming in and out of them. Anyone who doesn’t live there, work there or have “legitimate reason” to be there will be sent away or face arrest, documents obtained by The Examiner show.

In a just world, this woman would be swinging from a tree run out of town with a mob of pitchfork-wielding villagers on her heels. Of course, in the "progressive" paradise that is the District of Columbia, she'll be hailed as a revolutionary and courageous thinker.

Lanier has been struggling to reverse D.C.’s spiraling crime rate but has been forced by public outcry to scale back several initiatives including her “All Hands on Deck” weekends and plans for warrantless, door-to-door searches for drugs and guns.

As NES Forum member Big_Red says:

That seems vaguely familiar...

Next up, Cathy Lanier will be explaining how neither of these initiatives is, in fact, a "complete" violation of people's fourth amendment rights, because police officers, federal agents, and elected officials will still be allowed to travel freely in the District and be protected from warrantless searches of their homes.

Hey, it wouldn't be any less ridiculous than her similarly-reasoned assertion that "there is not a complete ban on handguns" there.

As abhorrent as this latest "public safety" proposal is, I find it difficult to feel any sympathy for the people whose lives will be negatively affected by it. This flagrant abuse of authority is exactly what you should expect once you voluntarily surrender your personal sovereignty and inalienable rights to an all-powerful government in return for the illusion of security.