Monday, August 25, 2008

Life in Michael Bloomberg's America

All is well.

New York City investigators wonder why neighbors waited more than a half hour before calling police after hearing the screams for help from a woman who was stabbed to death at a Queens apartment.

I can't blame her neighbors for not getting directly involved. Odds were there was an armed and dangerous psychopath down the hall, and thanks to their mayor and their "progressive" state government, ordinary citizens in New York City have had the means (and the desire) to make life uncomfortable for the criminal segment of the population taken from them.

What? You think Bloomberg wants all those lesser classes of people to enjoy the same Constitutional rights and liberties as his millionaire celebrity friends?

You're kidding right?

He's dedicated the last six years of his life toward creating and maintaining a safe, non-hostile work environment for the criminal element in his city. He's not about to let a bunch of uppity rabble-rousers mess it all up now.

Police found Ebony Garcia, 21, lying in a pool of blood at about 2:10 a.m Saturday. She was stabbed about a dozen times and died two hours later at a local hospital.

Myth: New York City's gun laws save lives.

Fact: Bloomberg would rather see 100,000 dead Ebony Garcia's than read about one armed citizen coming to her assistance, saving her life, and removing her assailant from the voter rolls gene pool.

Mere collateral damage on the pathway to Totalitarianism.

Pocket change.

Police want to question Garcia’s boyfriend, against whom she had obtained a restraining order.

Why question him? He couldn't have done it.

She had a restraining order.

And, everyone knows that people for whom stabbing someone to death has the same moral consequence as leaving the toilet seat up are the ones most likely to be dissuaded from their violent ways by a piece of paper that says, "Hey! Quit it!".