Thursday, August 07, 2008

Smile, Asswipe!

You're on Candid Camera.

Caught On Tape: Elected Official Accused Of Theft

BOSTON (WBZ) ― An elected official in Middlesex County is scheduled to appear before a judge Thursday. Register of Probate John Buonomo was arrested after prosecutors say he was caught on tape stealing thousands of dollars.

Buonomo is accused of repeatedly stealing money from copy and cash machines in the Registry of Deeds, the District Attorney's Office said Wednesday. He was arrested Wednesday evening after a three month investigation.

From Buonomo's biography:

Mr. Buonomo has been an innovative public manager for twenty two years.

Yeah, not one of his predecessors was innovative enough, apparently, to line his pockets through theft of public funds.

Why was he pocketing the cash?

Perhaps, he was just trying to recoup some of his election manipulation expenses from the 2000 primary.

STONEHAM, MA - If at first you don't succeed, recount. John Buonomo pulled the Democratic nomination for Register of Probate out from under Thomas Concannon, Jr, who, just a few days earlier, was a winner.

Concannon, the former May-or of Newton, won the Sept. 19 Primary Election by 40 votes, 9,283 to 9,243. Then Buonomo took out the papers to file for a countywide recount. But instead he filed for local recounts, targeting 126 precincts where he had done well and where many blank ballots had been recorded.

Concannon lost his chance to ask for a countywide recount on Sept. 22. He lost his chance to ask for local recounts on Sept. 25. And after 126 precincts of 11 Middlesex communities, including Stoneham, were counted, Concannon lost the race.

There are 473 precincts in 54 communities in Middlesex County. But you get what you work for and what you pay for. Buonomo's people had to get ten signatures of Democrats registered as of Aug. 30 from each precinct they wanted recounted. And filing the requests costs money. Someone close to the Buonomo camp said the effort cost $7,000.

In his defense, it's only fair that if illegal aliens get to feed at the public trough, then so should their enablers in local government.

The former alderman who submitted the resolution making Somerville a sanctuary city for illegal immigrants in 1987 said this week he stands by his vote that allowed immigrants with questionable documentation status to access city services.

Former Ward 4 Alderman and current Register of Probate John Buonomo said the resolution made it clear to city employees that they did not have to inquire about documentation status before offering help to city residents. According to records on the city’s Web site, Buonomo submitted the sanctuary city resolution at the April 23, 1987 Board of Aldermen meeting.

As far as I'm concerned, the voters of Middlesex County who handed this guy the reins of power deserve no less than the reprehensible, amoral jackass he's repeatedly proven himself to be.

Nice job, people.

And, keep voting Democrat down there. "The Children"TM are counting on you.