Tuesday, September 23, 2008

But, Of Course!

Union Leader:

BERLIN – The man held this weekend on charges he stabbed his son and girlfriend multiple times called for an ambulance late Friday afternoon and described the incident as an accident, according to court papers.


According to court papers, Maranhao called for an ambulance to respond to his Maynesboro Street home at 5:15 p.m. Friday, "because he accidentally stabbed his wife and son." Court papers later described Tammy Morrill, 44, as Maranhao's girlfriend and Corey Maranhao, 17, as the couple's son.

Police and emergency crews responding to the call found all three had suffered stab wounds, although mother and son were taken into intensive care at Androscoggin Valley Hospital in Berlin for treatment, according to court papers.

Morrill suffered four stab wounds to her chest and left arm and had a collapsed lung. Corey Maranhao was stabbed seven times, according to court papers.

What? Could've happened to anyone.

Obligatory Monty Python tie-in (fast forward to 6:25):