Friday, October 24, 2008

Boston Phoenix: One Toke Over the Edge

Alternate Post Title: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Alternate Alternate Post Title: Reason #644 Why I Removed the Link to the Boston Phoenix From My Sidebar

Boston Phoenix: Dictator McCain?

Cliff Notes Version: If McCain wins the election, he will install himself as Supreme Dictator of our country, with the help of his loyal cabal of goose-stepping apparatchiks in the Supreme Court (and, they've got the childish and woefully unoriginal Nazi salute photoshop to prove it).

OK, kids, now take off your tinfoil hats. It's pop quiz time.

Which candidate running for president today...

...has threatened the FCC licenses of television stations choosing to run ads produced by independent groups supporting his opponent?

...had taxpayer funded "Truth Squads" comprised of prosecutors and law enforcement officers threatening his ideological opponents in an effort to stifle their right to free speech?

...has, throughout his career, been more openly hostile to the concept of private ownership of firearms than any other presidential candidate in our country's history?

...sent out e-mail "action alerts" to his followers urging them to go after radio stations that planned on allowing his critics to voice their opinions on the air?

...paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to the organization currently flooding voter registration offices across the country with tens of thousand of bogus registration forms in an effort to delegitimize our electoral process?

...had funneled hundreds of thousands of dollars to groups founded by radical, leftist militants seeking to remove traditional education from our country's classrooms and replace it with socialistic indoctrination?

...has achieved power throughout his political career by embracing the corruption that exists and flourishes within his own party, instead of challenging it?

...would be more likely to re-enact the Fairness Doctrine to allow the government to regulate the content being broadcast by conservative-leaning media outlets?

...had been openly allowing credit card donations on his website without any address verification feature activated to prevent fraudulent campaign contributions?

Yet, the sagacious scribes on the editorial staff at the Boston Phoenix would have you believe that John McCain is the candidate most likely to assume the autocratic role of dictator, upon reaching the presidency?