Tuesday, October 28, 2008

"Obama Is No Stranger To Me..."

If ever there was a reader's comment worthy of being bumped to front-page status, this one is it. Commenting on my "Tito the Racist" post, Oscar writes (emphasis mine):

I am Hispanic, like Tito. I owe a debt of gratitude to those who founded this Nation, who made it possible for people like me to thrive in liberty, and to those who came after to secure its survival. I was not born in this country, but I love it with all of my heart. I am proud to serve in her Army, and I am proud to support John and Sarah.

I cannot fathom why so many native-born Americans seem eager to hand power to Obama and his ilk. Obama is no stranger to me -- he is the same type of arrogant, corrupt, Marxist politician so common in my native country; the same type of politician who "spread" nothing but poverty, misery, and despair. To see his like on the threshold of the American presidency is (without exaggeration) one of the most painful things I have witnessed in my life.

God save our great Nation.


On a related note, my wife's family came to the United States in 1985, when she was a teenager, so that her father could start his own business in California's Silicon Valley.

He wasn't looking for a handout.

He wasn't asking for someone else's wealth to be spread around for his benefit.

He wasn't looking for "social justice".

He was leaving a country and continent entrenched in socialist economic ideals to make a better life for his family in a country where hard work and determination are rewarded, not punished. He recognized the opportunities for success that come with the freedom that we, as Americans, enjoy, yet too often take for granted.

There's a reason why countless numbers of people have risked their lives to try to make it to the "land of the free and the home of the brave".

It's worth the risk.

Our country stands strong, because we believe in equality of opportunity, not in the concept of "equality of outcome", mandated and enforced by an all-powerful, centralized government.

And, as the world's benchmark of economic freedom, prosperity, and opportunity, it's a country worth fighting for.

Make no mistake about it, electing someone so beholden and committed to radical, leftist ideology as Barack Obama to the presidency would deal a crippling blow to the sacred Constitutional ideals that make this great country what it is.

Don't let that happen.