Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Nice Touch

I just got my Christmas card "from the White House".

The envelope was postmarked out of Crawford, Texas.

UPDATE: I gotta ask. Has there been a Christmas card sent out by the White House over the last eight years, over which someone at the Huffington Post hasn't crapped his pants in a fit of righteous indignation?

Note: I'll give 'em this one. Someone clearly f***ed up there.

And, why do I have the sneaking suspicion that any religious imagery or references on the first Christmas card from the Obama White House will be overlooked entirely, or deemed "supremely tasteful and traditional"?

I'll have a scanned pic of this year's card up in a little bit. As I wrote in the comments:

Not that there's anything wrong with sending a more generic "holiday" card to recipients of various religious denominations. That's...


There's a (gasp!) wreath clearly visible on the picture on the front, and a decorative garland!


The BDS-afflicted lefties will surely pull out all the stops this year, seeing as it's their last chance to play the Bush Christmas card outrage card.

UPDATE II: Can't you just taste the oppression?

View From the Truman Balcony
The White House 2008

T. Allen Lawson
Oil on linen 28" x 20"

And, I just noticed that the paper this card is made from is only 30% recycled fiber!!! PLANET KILLER! [/bds]