Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Insanity Illustrated

Here's a picture of the window of a Quik Shop convenience store in Omaha. As you can see, there's a $25,000 reward being offered for information leading to the arrest of the individuals who shot the store clerk to death earlier this month inside this clearly posted "gun-free zone".

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Not much to add to that, really.

Except this piece of excrement masquerading as a "news" item.

If you thought it was sad, pathetic, and counter-productive to listen to someone with the mental capacity of Boston Mayor Tom Menino pontificating on the subject of how to behave when getting robbed (wouldn't want to show any disrespect to the misunderstood youth holding the screwdriver to your jugular, dontcha know?), wait until you see what the Omaha World-Herald did to top it.

They decided to go straight to the real experts in the field of crime prevention involuntary wealth redistribution. No, not Obama's economic team...we're talking incarcerated criminals.

Robbers offer some advice

Imprisoned robbers asked to give advice to robbery victims offered these safety tips:


• Cooperate
• Give up the money
• Obey the robber's commands
• Keep your hands in sight


• Resist
• Talk
• Plead
• Stare
• Make any sudden movements
• Be a hero
• Chase or follow the robber

Source: Athena Research Corp.

"Safety tips".

Uh-huh. For the guy doing the robbing, I suppose, sure.

As Ragin' Dave (of 4RWWS) comments over at Kevin Baker's place:

Getting advice from robbers on what to do if you get robbed?

Will they put out advice to single young women from rapists?

Perhaps they'll instruct little kids to just obey the nice stranger in the old car.

Lord help us.

(Link and pic via Hecate's Crossroad)