Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Massachusetts Democrats

They're not even pretending to care anymore.

Sen. Marian Walsh (D-West Roxbury) will take a pay cut after she triggered a firestorm of outrage on Beacon Hill when Gov. Deval Patrick appointed her to a vacant $175,000-a-year job.

Walsh plans to take $120,000 a year instead.

As if that's any less offensive to the hard-working people of Massachusetts who are struggling just to make ends meet and put food on the table for their families.

Only in the deluded minds of the most reality-detached politicians does offering some hack politician a low six-figure, do-nothing job completely atone for the sin of originally offering said hack a high six-figure, do-nothing job.

Frankly, I don't know how Massachusetts has managed to keep itself from burning to the ground over the last twelve years with no one filling that crucial position.

But, wait. As usual, there's more to the story.

Because the first two paragraphs weren't enough of a joke, apparently.

Hoping to renew faith in his reformer image, the governor will also announce a public review of salary and benefits of senior managers at quasi-independent agencies, according to an administration source.

An image that exists only on the retinas of his most devoted, and Hopenchange-addicted followers, people who actually thought (and, likely still think) they were voting for someone who cares about them. Sound familiar?

The Herald disclosed last week that Patrick is pushing hefty $26,000 raises for sheriffs in two low-crime island resorts. The paper also reported that the cash-strapped Turnpike slipped two $100,000 staffers onto its payroll, while failing to lay off any toll takers as the governor had promised.

In case you were wondering what it looks like when you try to stuff ten pounds of "reform" into a five pound bag.

The move comes as the governor is proposing toll hikes and gas-tax hikes in an effort to pay off the Big Dig debt.

Thank God the voters in Massachusetts listened to their intellectually and morally superior overlords on Beacon Hill and voted to keep their income tax in place. Had that ballot question passed, the state would have had no choice but to increase taxes and tolls to make up for the lost...


...never mind.