Monday, April 06, 2009

How Can This Be???

While our benevolent Democrat-controlled legislature is doing all it can to foist a mandatory seat belt law onto what was once (and still, theoretically, is) a free people, in order to make us more in line with our "progressive" neighbor to the south, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has been busy gathering data on seat belt usage rates throughout the country.

The 2008 numbers are interesting, and should (emphasis on should) drive a stake through the heart of the Granny State* Movement, and put that anti-liberty revenue enhancement mechanism of a bill to rest, once and for all.

2008 Seat Belt Use Rates (% change from 2007)

Massachusetts: 66.8% (-1.9%)
New Hampshire: 69.2% (+5.4%)

New Hampshire saw the second highest increase in seat belt use nationwide without the need for any meddlesome and intrusive laws designed to (a) tell grown-ups how to behave, and (b) extort money from them for not engaging in government-approved behavior. Mass. Seat Belt Use Worst In Nation

Gee, if only they had a law requiring...

Oh...never mind.

* Granite State Nanny Staters

UPDATE: If you really want to see the motivation behind the mandatory seat belt law, get your state rep or senator to introduce an amendment that would establish a fine of $10, payable to the charity of the offender's choice.

"Oops, forgot to put my seat belt on. That's another ten bucks for my kid's school's Eddie Eagle program."

See how well that one goes over.

Then ask them, "Do you not care about the well-being of the children?".