Thursday, July 23, 2009

That's Unpossible

The campus at Texas Southern University...

HOUSTON – Gunfire on the Texas Southern University campus wounded six people and scattered the crowd at a community rally, and police on Thursday were investigating whether a gang rivalry was behind the drive-by shooting.

People were gathered at the event that included a Houston rapper's performance when a car drove by and shots sprayed out from the vehicle, school spokeswoman Eva Pickens said, citing witness statements to police. The sound of gunfire made people drop to the pavement of the parking lot where the rally was being held to promote community service and voter registration. a gun-free zone [pdf].


The University deems the following acts unacceptable and violations of the Student Code of Conduct. Acting under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol, or portraying misconduct that occurs as a result of alleged mental or emotional distress or illness does not diminish or excuse a violation of the Disciplinary Code. Violators will be subjected to disciplinary sanctions that may result in a combination of sanctions and/or suspension or expulsion from the University.

Additionally, depending upon the severity of the offense(s), disciplinary sanctions may include, but are not limited to, the sanctions described in Section III (Disciplinary Sanctions). However, any violation of the following regulations may result in a student’s sanction of immediate, temporary or interim suspension or expulsion. This list may not be all inclusive of inappropriate behavior or misconduct.


4.5 Dangerous Weapons – Unauthorized possession, display, use, or storage of weapons, firearms, fireworks, explosives, ammunition, explosive devices, or dangerous chemicals and/or combustible liquids or material on the University campus, University-managed facilities, housing or residential facilities, or at University sponsored activities or events. A dangerous weapon is any object or substance designed or used to cause pain, injury, damage, or to incapacitate persons and/or damage personal or private property or belongings. Dangerous weapons may include, but are not limited to, firearms, rifles, BB guns, air pistol/pellet guns, paintball guns, knives, clubs, slingshots, etc. Replicas or simulated weapons are also prohibited on University premises or at University-sponsored activities.