Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Bush Lied...

...whereas Obama was merely speaking in the mystical dialect of Hopenmagic, an ancient and enlightened tongue, the comprehension of which is simply beyond the abilities of us mortal commoners.

UPDATE: Just wanted to add...

Knowing what was done out in the open to get the senate bill passed, with hundreds of millions in taxpayer-funded kickbacks going out Harry Reid's office door like Halloween candy, can you imagine what kind of corrupted pile of crap is going to come out of the Democrat's closed door negotiations?

You thought half-a-billion in vote-buying bribes was bad, you ain't seen nothing yet.

The "most open and transparent Congress ever" knows full well that the more the People know what's going on here, the greater the opposition to this planned government takeover of our healthcare system becomes.

They know this bill is DOA if they don't hammer it out while shrouded in secrecy, and ram it down our throats before we have a chance to see what they've done.

I know I'm beating the old dead horse here, but it amazes me still that the same people who cried for years about George W. Bush and his administration's power grabbing ways are the same ones picking up the pompoms today and leading the cheers for this tidal wave of totalitarianism that's powered its way up the Potomac.