Tuesday, January 12, 2010

So, What's Next For the Coakley Camp?

We've all seen by now the negative smearjob ads from the Coakley campaign, which most of us knew were coming the minute Rasmussen showed Scott Brown closing within single digits of Her Entitlementness.

What better way for her to acknowledge that even in Massachusetts, people are coming out in droves to reject her ideology. If you can't win in the arena of ideas, slander, smear and attack (and get your union racketeers to pay people to hold up signs with your name on them).

So, what's next?

When Coakley's internal polling shows over the next couple of days that these negative ads have had no net effect on her numbers (best case scenario for her), what will her next move be?

If you guessed "Play the victim card!", prepare to claim your prize.

I knew the negative ads were coming.

And, I'm calling this one too. The Victim CardTM is en route.

I don't think we'll see actual tears, à la Hillary, but I wouldn't be surprised at all to see a statement from her camp alleging her personal safety has been put at risk by some imaginary right-wing hate group threatening her with violence of some kind.

You know, like all those crazy-ass Tea Partiers down in D.C. last fall who torched all those cars, hurled innocent passers-by through storefronts, and kicked every puppy within a 10 mile radius.

I give her people another 72 hours before they peel the first card of the top of the deck - 24 hours to run the numbers, 48 hours to launch Operation Sympathy.