Thursday, February 04, 2010

The Bloom Is Off the Lilac

WMUR: Poll Shows 18-Point Slip In Obama's Approval Rating In NH

DURHAM, N.H. -- A new poll shows that President Barack Obama's approval rating in New Hampshire has dropped nearly 20 points.

The WMUR/Granite State Poll shows that Obama's those who approve of how he is doing dropped from 66 percent in February 2009 to 48 percent now.


Those who disapprove of the job the president is doing has more than doubled, going from 21 percent last year to 47 percent now.

As the article states, this was a polling sample of randomly selected adults in New Hampshire, not likely voters. And, from the poll report (available here), Obama voters outnumbered McCain voters 236-191.

The poll shows that his job approval among independents has gone from 65 percent in February 2009 to 39 percent this year.

Seems the good people of New Hampshire don't take too kindly to having their country trashed and being lied to on a daily basis by a condescending, lying, elitist blowhard.

I think Bob Marley said it best:

You can fool some people sometimes,
But you can't fool all the people all the time.
So now we see the light (What you gonna do?),
We gonna stand up for our rights! (Yeah, yeah, yeah!)