Tuesday, February 02, 2010

But...He Promised!

OK, show of hands, how many of you didn't see this middle class tax increase coming down the Hopenchange Highway?

Grappling to contain record deficits, President Barack Obama is seeking to end a middle-class tax break he once said would be permanent.


An administration official said the tax credit reflects changing realities in Congress on climate change legislation.

The tax [credit] initially was intended to compensate middle-class families for increased energy costs related to a cap-and-trade mechanism that would have capped greenhouse gas emissions by businesses while setting up a system allowing emissions credits to be bought and sold, the official said. The credit was to be paid for by revenue from the cap-and-trade system.

Lying scam artists, the whole lot of 'em.

UPDATE: Nothing to see here.

No, really.

Nothing to see.

The news service Reuters withdrew a story last night titled "Backdoor taxes to hit middle class" after the White House reached out and pointed out "errors of fact."

Hey, if Honest Obe says there were "errors of fact", who are we to question his Holy Truthfulness?

It's not like he'd lie to the American people to further his agenda, right?