Monday, April 12, 2010

The New York Pork Exchange

Hey, what's another billion dollars in union payback pork?

NEW YORK — Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand proposed $1 billion in loans and grants Monday to help build 2,100 grocery stores in areas around the nation that lack access to fresh food.

Gillibrand said the measure would help about four million New York residents living in so-called food deserts by providing the funding for more than 350 stores statewide, many in low-income areas. Modeled on a similar program in Pennsylvania, the legislation would provide startup grants and loans in rural and urban areas to expand access to fresh food and to create jobs.

The folks at Walmart are still trying to open stores in Chicago using their own money and are being told to go screw. No graft/kickbacks/campaign cash, no store. There's only one reason to pour a billion dollars of taxpayer money into something like this.

To give the labor unions what they can't get by competing in a free market economy, and force the rest of us to pony up the cash.

See also: Stimulus, Obamacare, DC School Vouchers.