Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Idiocy, the Father of Invention

I stumbled across this article today. Was going to pass on it, but there was so much to work with, it was hard to let it go.

Lee County Man Designs "For Women Only" Gun

A Smiths Station man owns a handgun you don't see everyday. In fact, it's the only one of it's kind. Philip Camp built his personal defense weapon after talking to 50 different women.

"It was designed for women by women. I just took what they wanted in a handgun or a self defense weapon and put it in there," said Camp.

OK, so I assume it's a light-to-medium caliber (somewhere between .25 cal and 38 Special), small-framed revolver with a bobbed hammer for snag-free concealment in a pocketbook? But wait a second, don't these handguns already exist?

What he found is they wanted something with multiple safety features, easy to use, and non-lethal. His gun uses rubber and pepper projectiles and has a maximum effective range of 36 feet. He said women liked the idea of having something just for them.

Oh, never mind. Apparently, all he did was take a can of pepper spray and make it less effective with the addition of "multiple safety features". Slap a pair of tits on this guy and you've got Rosie O'Donnell's dream date.

"We have things for us. We've got big bad guns. We've got big bad rifles, shotguns, pistols of all sorts, but they don't have that that they can call their own," Camp said.

This is bordering on "Too Stupid Too Fisk".

Because this weapon is made specifically for women, there's absolutely no recoil.

Actually, there's no recoil, because it's not a real gun. My 4-cell Maglite has no recoil, but it's as good, if not better, a defensive weapon than this piece of crap.

From the instruction manual: Step 4 - With the device aimed at your attacker, yell "BANG" or "POW", but do try to be polite about it. You don't want to make him angry.

"The biggest thing women were telling me was when they try to shoot their husbands' pistols or revolvers is they kick and hurt their hand, and they're intimidated," said Camp.

And this is the best alternative you could come up with?

If you run out of ammo, just turn it around and hit the attacker.

Please tell me I didn't just read that. If you shoot an attacker with ALL your ammo, and he still advances on you, you seriously need to rethink your defensive tool selection.

"You can drop it, and you can throw it. It will never go off unless it's cocked," said Camp.

Great, it's ineffective AND single-action.

Camp has a license from the federal government, as well as a patent pending on this device. Lee County Sheriff Jay Jones said he thinks this weapon is a good idea.

"Any weapon that doesn't use lethal force is a great alternative," said Jones.

Any bets on whether Sheriff Jones will be ordering these as replacement duty weapons for himself and his deputies?

Thought so.

Camp currently does not have a financial backer or partner for the weapon, but is looking for one. If you are interested in helping him out, you can contact him at (334)214-0095.

Here's some free advice for Mr. Camp. Make sure the front sight on that "weapon" there is sufficiently rounded so it won't hurt so much when these women end up getting violated with it.