Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Peace Out (for the count)

And the hits keep coming. Given how much we hear about our "effective", "common-sense" gun control laws around these parts, you would think there would be a whole flood of stories at least one story in the news of a person having been spared death or grievous bodily harm as a result of these laws being on the books.

I'm still waiting - not holding my breath, but waiting nonetheless. In the meantime, as long as I'm still living in the People's Republic, I'll continue posting stories like this on a near-daily basis.

Form the Boston Herald police logs:

Nice work by a group of citizens who pounced on Thomas Peace, 35, of Roslindale Saturday night on Congress Street after he allegedly smacked a 26-year-old Boston woman in the face with a rock and then grabbed her purse.

Well, it's nice to know that when he posts bail, my wife and kids will once again be sharing the neighborhood with such a nice young man.

Now, imagine my surprise when I found out that no permit of any kind is required to carry concealed rocks in downtown Boston. Who knew?

And, of course, had this 26-year-old woman brought a can of pepper spray over the border from New Hampshire, and used it defend herself from this scumbag without acquiring the $25 permission slip from the state, she would now be facing, at a minimum, charges for illegal possession of a firearm [ammunition. -ed.]

Better a woman get her face smashed in by a rock-wielding lunatic than actually allowing the people of Boston to take responsibility for their own personal protection, right, Mr. Mayor? I mean, after all, you gotta preserve that voter base.